Hello, this is me. I am Elisa Grillini and I was born in Italy, in Cotignola, a small city closet o Ravenna, a place worldwide known for its beautiful historical places as well as for its mosaics and potteries.

Every morning, when I was a young student, I couldn’t  wait to catch the train and go to Faenza, a town famous for its ceramics, where I attended the Istituto d’Arte per la ceramica “G. Ballardini” and graduated in 1984.

At the beginning I worked in the ceramic manufacturing sector in Modena and later for an adv company in Ferrara. But after a while I realized my love for artistic ceramics and I started exhibiting my creations in many important Italian cities, like Ravenna, Florence, Turin and Udine.

In 1993 I decided to focus exclusively on the production of artistic ceramics and I opened my first design studio in Lugo, Romagna.

“Everytime I create something with my hands, I learn something new.” (Elisa)

I keep learning new things, therefore throughout these years I came into contact with news techniques different from the traditional faience ceramics.

“I received a lot during my life. That’s why I think it is important to give something to other people” (Elisa)

I had the occasion to create a pottery lab in San Paolo in Brazil thanks to the support of the city of Lugo. My aim was to impart the passion, culture and love for life to the kids in the favelas. That’s why I spent some weeks there, to teach those kids a job useful and fun for them.

At the moment I work mainly in Cervia, where I have a wide and structured studio. Some new projects are coming soon.

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